Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Felt Pumpkin

I've been a busy girl.  Making little felt quiet book pages for my etsy shop, Perfect Darlings.  So much fun!

I am making 10 or more page designs and my customers can chose any 5 of them for a custom felt book for their favorite little people.
This pumpkin page is one of my favorites, and I'd like to talk you through how to make one of these with felt or paper.  You could put the pumpkin on a pillow cover and have some new fall decor.  Or use paper and make this for the front of a greeting card.  The possibilities are endless!

This sweet little gourd is made with 3 identically-sized orange ovals.  So using a stencil or template, make a paper pattern of the size oval you want.  Next, using the pattern, cut out three ovals of felt, fabric, or paper.  Put 2 of them side by side or overlapping each other a bit, then the third one goes on top.  You can hand sew the ovals to your felt or fabric...or you can glue them if they are paper.  The stem is just hand cut without a pattern.  Now for the vine tendrils.  I used a green embroidery thread, all 6 strands together.  I sewed them onto the stem, leaving the ends of the thread unknotted and loose for the tendrils.  Then using paper to cover the pumpking for protection, I dipped my finger in mod podge, coated the thread, and wrapped the thread around a pencil.  Do that for the other one as well.  Let dry for a few minutes, then carefully slide the pencil out of your curly thread.  If it does not stay nicely in a coil, you can wet the thread with a drop of water and try it again.  Once you have the tendrills coiled, just let them dry.  When fully dry you can pull on them a bit til they are loose curls.  So so cute and the 3D aspect adds alot to the outcome.  

Wouldn't this make a cute piece of wall art, mounted on a mat and framed?  Or you could cut out a piece of felt the right size and shape to be the back of the pumpkin, sewing the front and back together with a bit of stuffing in the middle.  Let me know if you make this pumpkin and how it turns out!  I'm pretty sure I'll be making one for my house.  Cute, chubby pumpkins are darling!


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  1. Precious...these are perfect for little fingers and so safe for them. What a wonderful idea.
    Have a great weekend. Bobbie


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