Sunday, August 14, 2011

Free Wax Paper Anyone?

My Mom taught me to save the wax paper bag in the empty cereal box.  So I do!  And it really makes a great bag to use for alot of kitchen work such as for crushing cracker crumbs, pounding chicken, or breading okra for frying.  But most of all I like to use it to cover food with in the microwave.  So here is how to make it quick and easy and ready to use.

The above photo just shows where I cut the bag so I'd have four squares of wax paper ready to use.

Wipe the cereal dust off with a damp dish cloth, let dry, and you have four free little sheets of wax paper that will save you money and will be good to the earth, too!

Thanks Mom for teaching me to recycle and reuse things before it was cool to do so!


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  1. Stellar! I've been look for a way to reheat ribs - the ones that like to explode - and I think this is my answer. THANKS FOR POSTING


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