Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teacup Bird Feeders

Several weeks ago I found a darling idea for turning a vintage teacup into a bird feeder!  You can read about it HERE.  A recent trip to one of our thrift stores in town produced these 2 darling vintage teacups and saucers in perfect condition!  Score!  I loved that they were a vintage Corelle and a vintage Pfaltzgraff.  And I LOVED the shapes of them.

A tube of "Amazing E-6000" glue which is clear, waterproof, and works on glass and china well, was the next step.

After washing and drying the cups well, I put a bead of glue along the edge of the bottom of the cup, making sure this is where the cup will sit flatly on the saucer.

Same thing for the Corelle cup...this pattern is from the late 60s and early 70s and is called Snowflake Blue Garland.  Sweet.

I made a trip, earlier today, to Home Depot.  Now I rarely go there without husband along, so I really felt like a "big girl" taking care of this next part all by myself!  I found the plumbing aisle where the copper pipes are and had a 10 foot long, 1/2 inch wide piece of pipe cut into 3rds.  Next I found (among the myriads of little boxes on this wall) the 1/2 inch copper caps.  Purchased three.

Next I carefully turned the cups and saucers (which are glued and drying) upside down and after sandpapering the tops of the copper caps to make sure they stick well, I glued them to the center of the bottom of the saucer.  Easy.

The copper pipe can be sanded for extra shine, and I plan to spray it with polyurethane spray so that it won't rust.  But it easily sticks right into moist ground and makes a great stand for the teacup bird feeder.  The cap slips right over the top of it.  What a brilliant idea.  I am always amazed by the creative people God has made!!!  And am so thankful for the ideas that they share with the rest of us.  Thank you DIY Weddings!
The rest of these pictures just show what the finished product looks like.  I will be quiet now and let you enjoy the photographs.

Are you getting excited to try one of these?!  What precious gifts they would make!  I plan to make one for myself, for my mom and daughter and mom in law, and some to sell in my etsy shop!  In fact, these two will probably go in the etsy shop as soon as I get back from vacation next week.  Thank you for stopping in to visit!  I so appreciate your time and sweet comments.



  1. One for meee? Your daughter? Aw yay! So super pretty and great photos!

  2. Those teacups are great! I've seen ones in the stores where the cup is permanently fixed to the stick....and I thought that was dumb, cuz when it rains you'd have to pull up the whole darned thing to empty it....and be making a bigger and bigger hole in the ground each time you did it! THIS is AWESOME! LOVE IT!

  3. Tony & KathyJune 23, 2011 at 7:25 PM

    Thanks Donna!! Such a wonderful idea..we were wondering if there's a fee that we pay to your creative mind, to use the idea? The "vintage" part made me smile! My mom bought that blue Corelle wear when I was a kid, so that must make me V I N T A G E, too!! Good reason for everyone to be nice to me and keep me around...!

    Loved it..thanks!

  4. Honey, I am SO proud of you being such a big girl at Home Depot! My little girl is growing up. ;-) I love, love, love this idea and realized that I have several of my Folk Art patterned coffee cups and saucers that I could do this with...the cups are too small to use for coffee b/c I prefer mugs, so this would be a great way to use them. Thanks for the idea!

  5. lovely,

    I am just reminding everyone about tonights link party that runs Friday evening through Mondays!
    I also have an ongoing give away link party now too.
    Hope to see you soon.
    come strut your stuff

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love this tutorial so thank you for sharing. I'm seeing some of these cropping up on the side of my house in the near future. I'm digging your blog so I'm following back


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