Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book Review: Desiring God, Revised Edition by John Piper

I so enjoyed this book.  I've never read anything by John Piper, so this was a treat.  I had to read it slowly so that I could truly understand and think through what he said.

The basic idea that I took away from Desiring God, is that we give Him glory by enjoying Him.  Just as I feel honored and loved when my adult children enjoy me and my presence, so God is honored and loved when I enjoy Him. 

He is everything that I truly crave in life:  perfection, beauty, order, joy, love, and peace.  All of the things I long for in my earthly life and heart are found in perfection in Him alone.

I will be rereading portions of this book through the months so that I can be often reminded of where my joy truly lies.

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