Sunday, April 17, 2011

Garden Giddiness : )

Our first Southern Indiana spring is making me very happy...planting veggies in April is a wonderful new blessing down here!  In Chicago I needed to wait til mid May for most things.

Our Square Foot Garden...I love the tidiness of it.  Tiny Bibb lettuce plants in the first 2 squares, radishes in squares 3 and  5.  Onions with a few stray radishes in square 4...don't ask!  Beets are coming up in square 6, and squares 7&8 have okra seeds in them.  Hurry okra...I'm worrying about you!

After a cold, rainy Saturday we are having a warm, sunny Sunday.  So today I planted these three beauties, plus a red pepper plant and 3 yellow pepper plants.

Ok, so my favorite gardening tool right an iced tea spoon! The soil is lightweight and loose, so this spoon is perfect for planting seeds.  :)

Green beans!  Our married daughter thinks fresh green beans are yucky and hairy.  John and I think they are heavenly.  :)

My fun new venture...cinder block gardening!  Learned this from a friend in Florida who's growing tomatoes this way, due to their poor soil.  These blocks were already a part of this flower bed, holding the dirt off the fence.  So we filled their holes with dirt and now they are the cozy new homes of some gladioli bulbs, morning glory seeds, African daisies, wildflowers, and aster seeds.  I can hardly wait to see how this goes!  Super easy to digging!

Bleeding Hearts beginning to bloom, Basket of Gold, Zinnias coming up, and my first pink Cala Lily bulb has poked through! 
 I truly do have some Garden Giddiness going on.  I love to go out 3 times a day to see what new seeds have emerged and to admire the tidiness of it all.  Do you have things growing now too?  Would love to hear about it!

Spring Blessings!
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  1. Lovely garden! I'll have to try the cinderblock planters...such a good idea. Happy Spring!


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