Monday, September 27, 2010

Country Living Fair Part 1

What a wonderful weekend I had! My dear, longtime friend Lori and I went to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH. Such a treat!
Lori and I have been friends ever since our first borns were babies. Now those first borns are 22, married to wonderful spouses, and Lori is a first time Nana!
The weather was so perfect...low 70s and sunny. Lori had been praying for great weather, and Jesus graciously granted it!
There were DROVES of people there! At 10am when the gates opened, we all made an orderly beeline for the fair!
These beautiful vintage cups and saucers caught my eye...just $4 a set too! But I settled for a photo of them since I have plenty at home. The fair was a mixture of Vintage Flea Market finds, antiques, and lovely handmade crafts.
Aren't these handmade tidbit trays/cake plates so sweet!! I've made one myself and just love it.
Awww....a Chenille snowman! Chenille was sooooo popular among the artisans at the fair. So many things made from chenille among the booths.
The Fairy Garden Booth was extra sweet. I wanted one of these at my house! Tiny little gardens with cute little hidden treasures.

This craft was old quilt piece was the background for embroideried words, photos, and buttons, etc. for embellishments.
Lunchtime! We decided to eat around 11:30am. So. Glad. The line grew to a very long length by the time we finished eating! This food booth was featured in the Country Living Magazine and it completely lived up to their raves!
The. Best. Pulled Pork Sandwich. EVER!!!

This is your first taste of the wonderful things we saw, ate, smelled, heard, and enjoyed at the Country Living Fair! Watch for Part 2 to come in the next couple of days. I promise there will be LOTS more cute, handmade crafts to show, and most are easy enough to do at home.

In the meantime....Simple Joys my friends!


  1. ohhh i want to go to the fair!!! the vintage teacups are sooo cute! :)

  2. Great blog post!!! I love how you mix the upper and lowercase letters in your writing. The bbq looked like it was swimming in the beans!! ha Can't wait to see the rest. :-)

  3. This looks so fun! Your Best Pulled Pork Sandwich EVER looks so good and I want one! :) I love the tea cups. The Fairy Garden was so sweet! What fun! I cannot wait to see more pictures and get amazing craft ideas from you!


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