Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Fresh Bouquet of Cilantro

My blog has been regrettably neglected for about 9 months. :) But I am BACK!! Perhaps I can learn more about blog design and be less frustrated in the coming weeks. At any rate, I wanted to share an idea with you that I've enjoyed putting to use today. I purchased a lovely bunch of Cilantro at the grocery store in preparation for the Fish Tacos I planned for tonight's supper. One of my magazines suggested that a good way to keep your fresh herbs in good shape...AND enjoy their scent all week to put them in a vase of water and enjoy them on your kitchen counter! Isn't that a splendid idea? So I cut their stems a bit so they could absorb the water better, and plopped them into a glass of fresh water. You are to change the water daily. The smell of Cilantro is one of my favorite scents! So having it on my stove top this week will be a little piece of heaven. Mmmmm. It was so easy to pull out a handful of stems tonight at dinner, rinse them, pat dry and cut them up with kitchen shears. The fresh salsa in which they went was delish. Garden fresh. The Lime-Cilantro candle at the top of this page was a find from Marshalls or TJ Maxx. It. Smells. Heavenly. Mmhmm. So, keep this in mind when you want to buy fresh herbs, or bring in some from your own herb garden. They make a lovely--and simple--bouquet. :o) Blessings, Donna

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