Friday, August 21, 2009

Simple and Thrifty

Decorating my home brings me alot of joy and gives me an outlet for my creative energies. Doing so in a thrifty way, also makes it fun and challenging! Antique stores and Goodwill are two of my favorite ways to accomplish that.

Several recent trips to Goodwill and antique stores helped to create this tablescape that has graced and dressed up my dining room table this summer. The fabric cost .99 at Goodwill...a brand new curtain panel in fun colors/plaids. I washed and pressed it, folded it in half, and loved the effect against the oak table.

Next I found a Liberty Blue saucer for 2.00 and a Currier and Ives dish for 2.00 in Ks. City while visiting family. Dishes are my absolute weakness! The silver forks and spoon also came from those antique shops, and the easy detarnishing method of an aluminum pan, baking soda, and water brought them to life.

Another fun and creative idea was to create a gift for my girlfriend from one of her favorite photos of her recent trip to Italy. I printed a 5x7 of the picture, used a front loading frame and scrapbooking techniques, to create this pretty reminder of her wonderful time away. I don't know who had more creating it or her receiving it!

Being creative can be simple and thrifty. I think a trip to Goodwill is in my plans for about you?!

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