Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simple Style

Recently I decided that our living room is great for fall and winter, but the colors are alittle heavy for spring and summer. Wanting to spruce it up a bit, yet not wanting to spend much, I looked online for ideas. Making or recovering our living room pillows seemed like the best idea.

Our sofa pillows came with the sofa and are dark greens and browns. I decided to cover them with a removable pillow cover made from fabric napkins. I found some designer napkins on clearance for $1.99 each, plus some coordinating light taupe napkins on sale. Stitching the wrong sides of the napkins together by hand, and leaving the bottom open, allowed me to pull it over the pillow with some velcro closers at the bottom.

Then I took the light taupe napkins, folded them, machine stitched the ends, and made fiber fill rolls to go inside the napkin envelope. I tacked the open edges together, and found large buttons from my grandmother's button box to decorate the front.

They are cute, they coordinate, and they lighten up the dark furniture for the summer/fall. Plus it is fun to know that they each only cost me about $3 and that I made them out of a repurposed fabric napkin. I'm sure there are LOTS of things that can be made from fabric napkins, fabric placemats, and kitchen towels. I even saw a really cute tote bag/purse made from cute kitchen tea towels. No hemming necessary...that makes it quick!

Enjoy...and let me know if you make something simple and sweet too!

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