Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Simple Sabbath Moments

The Bible teaches us to observe the Sabbath in order to focus on worshipping God and giving our bodies and minds a rest. Taking time each day for a few Sabbath moments is also a good idea. Ever since my babies were born, I've observed a "rest time" for myself each afternoon possible. Whether it is 20 minutes or an hour, it recharges me for the rest of my day.

Simple moments of refreshment can be:

*Stopping to look at the beautiful picture on your calendar. If it is scenery, imagine what it would be like to be there.

*Sit down with a magazine and cup of coffee for a few minutes each day. You'll be refreshed by the quiet, the rest, and the fresh ideas you see.

*Take 20 minutes to do something creative...make a card, bake a dessert, color a picture, plant some flowers, scrapbook a page. Add moments of creativity and beauty to your life in whatever way you enjoy.

*The ideas are for 20 minutes, lay on the sofa with your eyes closed, pray scripture, take a bath, breath deep, journal, take a walk and enjoy your neighbors' yards and the big blue sky, light a candle, sit on your patio swing...

Whatever would be refreshing to your soul and body...take a few minutes today and have a Sabbath moment. It will make you a sweeter, more relaxed person, and help you to serve God more wholeheartedly. Enjoy!

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