Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Simple Memories

Simple Memories

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A year ago I found a fun way to preserve bits of nature that remind me of times or memories of my life. You can choose pretty leaves, flowers, even a tiny tree seedling from a specific place or time that you want to remember. Then press those between paper towels under or inside of some heavy books. After a few days, remove the flowers and leaves and place them between clear contact paper, along with a handwritten or printed label of where or when you gathered these items. Seal, and trim around it to the desired size or shape you like. And voila...a cool book mark for your Bible or other book that will always remind you of something special. My first photo shows some beautiful yellow Aspen leaves I picked up at Estes Park this past fall. The second photo shows a bookmark I made in September of 2007 when our oldest kids first went to college. I loved the tiny tree seedling and leaves that I found at a park that day. It reminds me of the thoughts and feelings I had as I was struggling to let go of my own 'seedlings' children.I've also made one of rose petals from my daughter's wedding last July. So give it a try if you can expand this idea to use in scrapbooking or cardmaking. Capture a moment of nature, and enjoy the sweet, simple things of life.

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